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House of Delhi-Cious

Our Mission, Goals, & Values

We understand how going out with friends can be an expensive affiar for few of our friends, even though they don’t say it out loud. We aim to bring pocket friendly food to the young ones of India and plan to open 20 Outlets within Delhi-Ncr by 2022.

Top Quality Pocket Friendly Food

Going out with friends?? Count on us. you will not have to dig deep into your pockets to enjoy our Food.

20 Outlets by 2022

Our core team thrives excellence and hence we plan to open 20 outlets in NCR by 2022.

What We Do

Dining is not just about food, it is about a whole range of pleasurable experiences. Our menu has been created to satisfy the tastes of everyone that craves delicious, fresh India food made from the traditional cooking techniques of our grandmothers of Lebanon.

What people love?

People love to sit with friends and sip a nice cold drink with a much loved Roll or momos and we understand and do the best to reach satisfaction.

Who We Are

House of Delhi-Cious has earned its reputation as the city’s leading Indian restaurant. A unique restaurant and retail outlet, House of Delhi-Cious is enriched with pure India-originated products, specific in quality, taste and appearance.

3 outlets
21K customers
980+ Giveaways
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25% Growth

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